English Speaking Club:

Learn English through conversation!
We know that when speaking another language, it is so important to be understood and to sound as natural and fluent as possible. Our conversation classes are designed to help you achieve this with a focus on accuracy, fluency and pronunciation whilst also increasing your vocabulary. The classes are for anyone who wants to improve their speaking and communication skills. The classes focus on a mix of social and professional situations. Topics include practical skills like preparing for an interview, how to agree and disagree, giving and responding to opinions, being discrete, idioms, informal everyday language, practicing pronunciation, chatting with others in London, making suggestions and negotiating.

Aims of the Club:

Our English-speaking clubs English-speaking clubs will first of all help you to improve two skills - to speak and to listen! In our club over a cup of coffee or tea with cookies you will learn to express your opinion correctly and feel at ease in the company of foreign interlocutors! We will play role-playing games, model, tell stories and paraphrase them, watch various thematic podcasts and discuss them! And since the head of the club is a native speaker, you will definitely practice the correct pronunciation.

English Speaking Club:

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