Laurent Bruere

Founder, Manager of E.D.E.S.

Short History:

E.D.E.S. is an elite independent language school for children and adults located in Lviv, created with the aim of equipping children with the skills they need to succeed through a combination of English learning and digital skills, and developing adult`s communication skills. The school nurtures creative, open minded, critical thinkers to become lifelong learners motivated to thrive, lead and contribute in an ever changing world.

We founded the school to serve two core purposes.
Firstly, we want children to be ready for the digital future. That’s why we integrate technology into our learning, equipping all children with an iPad for learning and exercises.
Secondly, we want our children to thrive in an increasingly globalized world which is why we teach all of our classes in English. "

“Having a career in education has been very fulfilling, I get a great sense of satisfaction seeing children develop their skills, both intellectual and emotional. I first began teaching in Dubai, spending four and a half years teaching English to children with learning disabilities at a Montessori center. During this time, I discovered the importance of emotional education and gained in-depth knowledge of child psychology.

After returning to Ukraine, I worked in several schools but felt that the teaching methods were outdated. I wanted to make a real difference to children’s education with innovative and exciting techniques. This was when I decided to open a school that would combine new methodologies with new technological advances. Creating a fun and educational environment that makes a real difference to a child’s development.”

Olha Bruere

Co-Founder, Manager of E.D.E.S

At E.D.E.S.

• We believe that an English education, with multiple approaches to learning, opens minds, teaches adaptability, and      prepares children and adults for tomorrow.
• We believe that all our students must naturally use the benefits of our digital era.
• We believe that critical and creative thinking, rigor, and curiosity drive academic excellence.
• We believe that a complete education goes well beyond academics.
• We believe that children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.
• We believe that empathy, integrity, and responsibility are at the core of global citizenship.