Primary School:

We have a team of dedicated teachers ready and able to help children be inspired by new ideas, identify natural curiosity, engage in active learning, and challenged to think in critical ways. We welcome you to see firsthand how our vibrant school allows us to take learning beyond the books to create an environment for our students to excel in all aspects of their lives.

The Absolute Best In Education:

Learning Goals:
• Communication, Language & Literacy Expressive Art & Design (Creative Development)
• Mathematics (Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy)
• Knowledge & Understanding of the World
•Personal, Social & Emotional Development
• Physical Development

English               Mathematics       Art & Design
Geography        Music                     Physical Education
Technology       History                   STEM/Science 


Primary School (1-4 classes) : 12000 UAH
Initial Sign Up Fee: 5000 UAH
Monday-Saturday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Sunday: Off
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Primary School:

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